FlipFly Studios

Our Coding Package

Flexible and Elegant Programming.

Our Specialty.

This is what we were born to do.


We use the best coding practices (or sometimes invent our own) and are proud of our extremely clean and efficient CSS and HTML.

This isn't just some quick 10 dollars a page PSD slicing service. We see the coding as an extension of the design process. Even as we code, we continue to improve the design and tweak it for its final form. Since our designs were produced with the web and their coding in mind, our final designs are invariably even better looking than the image drafts—rather than the other way around.


Javascript effects and AJAX improve the interactivity of a page and make it feel more lively and tactile. We can do everything from small effects like fading and animations to functionality in forms and options. Javascript is generally part of our delivered pages (our personal favorite is the jQuery library) and used for many subtle enhancements and effects. However, our pages can still be made to work perfectly without the use of Javascript.

Content Management Systems, Backends, Etc

We try to focus primarily on the front-end of things—the interface and the look and feel, rather than the programming and databases. That is, we usually don't build complex or custom systems, online stores, etc. However, we can definitely put together simple sites from start to finish, or design and setup a Wordpress blog, etc.

It's not that we can't do programming—but that we primarily focus on the design and CSS coding and so we feel it is best to leave those complex and large jobs to those who specialize in it. With that said, we can forward you to one of our affiliates or recommend a programmer that will be able to build our coded pages into a full system.